Allison M. Boot

Changing the World, One Book at a Time…

About Allison M. Boot

Allison M. Boot, also known as the Wheelin’ Wordsmith, is an accomplished author whose personal life experiences have influenced her work. Like the protagonists in her novels, Allison has a disability, and she uses her writing to inspire self-acceptance and equality among young readers who may be traveling paths similar to hers.

Allison’s commitment to her craft is evident in her academic achievements. She holds a Master of Arts degree in Mass Communication from the University of Dayton. Her dedication to her work is also reflected in her personal interests, such as her extensive collection of troll dolls. She began collecting these dolls at the age of three after being told that they bring good luck, and her collection continues to grow to this day.

Despite her busy schedule, Allison remains devoted to her family. She cherishes her role as a daughter to two parents, a sister to eleven siblings, and an auntie to thirteen nieces and nephews. However, her most cherished roles are those of being a loving wife and a dog mom to two furry companions.

Allison’s life and accomplishments serve as an inspiration to many, and her work continues to touch the hearts and minds of readers around the world.