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What Is Your Favorite Holiday-Themed Book?

by | Dec 25, 2017

Hi Readers,
First off, Merry Christmas to my readers celebrating Christmas today and Happy Holidays to those of you who are observing another holiday this season. Secondly, what is your favorite holiday- themed book to read this time of year and why? One of my favorites is A Fool’s Gold Christmas by Susan Mallery. It’s a story about a fictional, very happy, small town in California  which details the love between a dancer and a lawyer and shows readers that miracles really can happen at Christmas.  if you haven’t read it already, I highly recommend it. Please comment on this blog, or the social media post associated with it, to tell me your favorite holiday- themed book so I can get to know you better and get ideas as to what books to read next Christmas. Until next time… happy reading and, as always, remember to love yourself just the way you are.  Happy Holidays 🙂