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Just the Way You Are Review from

by | Mar 3, 2016

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“With an enticing and full of life cover that draws you in immediately, Just the Way You Are, is Misty Mile’s story. She’s a princess trapped in her own castle due to her disability. The royal family is afraid that if they let her leave the castle, the common people will become aware of her disability and it will not reflect positively on their image. Misty is 21 and full of imagination; she dreams of the day she will be allowed to step out of her castle.
A princess’s story is incomplete without a prince, and this one’s name is Derrick Denison – Misty’s one true love. The problem stands tall and erect that their families loathe each other to point of life and death. The quest to resolve the conflict between the two families takes Misty to a troll who is famous for granting wishes – it does not end well.
It’s the perfect Romeo and Juliet romance. Allison’s first book contains an effortless narrative, amazing cover, and characters that are full of innocent wit.”-
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