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What Do My VIP Readers Want???

by | Dec 7, 2017

Hey All,

I have been writing several blogs lately while in the midst of preparing to publish my second book, The Magic Within.  I have sincerely enjoyed doing so and I hope you have liked reading them just as much.  With that said, it occurred to me today that I haven’t asked you guys what you want in a while. What do you guys want me to write?  What elements are in the books that you most like to read?  What do you and/or the tween/young adult readers you know most like to read?  What factors do you and/or the tween/young adult readers that you know consider what deciding whether or not to to purchase and/or read a book?  Please take a moment to any answer any of those questions that you can and I will do my best to keep in mind what you guys, my VIP readers, want while writing my future books. Until then…happy reading and remember to love yourself just the way you are!