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A Wish for this Holiday Season

by | Dec 1, 2017

It’s Kara.  The holiday season is upon us. Misty and I have been hard at work today helping the castle staff decorate our home for what is sure to be an awesome holiday season.   I decided to take a short break and tell you all what I am hoping/wishing for this season.  As you know, Misty and Derrick opened up the hearts and adopted me a couple of years, giving me the home and family I’d always wanted. I gotta admit that I never expected to be royal and I’m getting use to the whole princess gig, but I love Misty and Derrick and living here is amazing.  Misty’s has already gone on numerous holiday sprees and well, let just say, every citizen in Starrycrest will be given a gift from the royal family this season. We’re giving a few extra to the boys and girls who still live the group home with Betsy because I know that there many kids and families in our kingdom and around the world who are not fortunate enough to have everything that my family and I have. My wish this holiday season is that all of you will also do something to help those who are less fortunate and may be in need of some holiday cheer.  You can donate to Toy for Tots, give to your local food bank, spend some time volunteering in a soup kitchen, or fulfill another need that you see in your community. Help out in any way you can. Just take some time to spread a little magic to those who need this holiday season. Trust me, a little magic goes a long way. Until next time…Happy Holidays to you and yours 🙂