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My Favorite Character in Just the Way You Are

by | Dec 13, 2017

 Kara is my favorite character of all of the characters in Just the Way You Are for a couple of reasons. Firstly, despite being an orphan and having had the tough life that accompanies that misfortune, she has the courage to stand up for herself and go after what she wants. I wanted to include a young character that  children could relate to who would set a good example for them. Kara and the courage she shows throughout the book helped me to accomplish that goal.
Secondly, Kara has more spunk and tenacity than the other characters in the book and was therefore more fun to write and explore. Moreover, I believe that Kara’s spunk adds to the fact that she is good example for kids. I hoping that her character helps to show kids the importance of going after what you want in life.
Thirdly, and perhaps most importantly, Kara’s character helps bring attention to two very vital issues. Her character not brings about disability awareness, but also highlights the fact that there are many children out in the world who do not have families and are in need of love, care, and a real home. I hope that reading about Kara’s in Just the Way You Are  will encourage more people to consider adoption.
Who is your favorite character in Just the Way You Are and why? Comment on this post and let me know! As always, happy reading and always remember to love yourself just the way you are.