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What Type of Villain Do You Prefer?

by | Jan 10, 2018

Hey Readers,

I have a question for you. Do you a reader prefer villains/ antagonists that are completely dislikable or villains / antagonists that make you question whether or not you should really dislike them? In my opinion,  Trovella, the villain in Just the Way You Are, is a completely dislikeable antagonist. While antagonists like her are fairly easy to write I prefer antagonist like Dylock, one of the villains from my upcoming book The Magic Within, because he will definitely make readers question whether or not they should dislike him. He is definitely a more complex character than Trovella and was a lot more fun to write. I personally think it is harder to dislike a villain once you find out more about their motivation for being evil and/or disliking the protagonist/ hero of a story. I believe that is definitely true in Dylock’s case and I’m anxious to see how you as my readers will react to him when The Magic Within comes out in March 2018.  What type of villains do you prefer?  Do you agree with me or have a different opinion?  Comment on the discussion thread or social media posts associated with this blog and let me know. As always until next time don’t forget to love yourself just the way you are :-).