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My Favorite Quote from Just the Way You Are

by | Jan 9, 2018

Hey Readers,
Today I thought I would write a blog about my favorite quote from Just the Way You Are. My favorite quote comes from none other than Derrick Denison, Royal Prince of Mooncrest. At one point he says, “People with disabilities can do anything able-bodied can do. They just have to do it a little differently.” This is my favorite quotes because it embodies one of the many lessons that I hope people will learn from the book. The particular lesson I’m referring to is the fact that people with disabilities can do anything that we set our minds to. We just may have to do it in a unconventional way. Furthermore, I hope that after reading Derrick’s quote and Just the Way You Are in its entirety, people will better understand that if people with disabilities accept and embrace our differences and love ourselves just as we are then we will definitely be able to accomplish whatever we set our minds to even if it requires achieving a goal anyway that is considered “outside of the box.”
What is your favorite quote from Just the Way You Are and why? Comment on the discussion or social media post associated with this blog post and let me know. Until next time, as always, happy reading and don’t forget to love yourself just the way you are 🙂