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More Recent Reviews of Just the Way You Are

by | Jan 8, 2018

Hey Readers,

Today I thought I would share a few more recent reviews of Just the Way You Are.  I’m so proud to know that people are enjoying the book!  Read some recent reviews below.

This is a beautifully written modern feeling fairy tale. I adored this book and its characters. Misty and Derrick are wonderful and charming and relatable. Allison Lewis weaves a beautiful story that will charm its readers and leave them wanting more. Loved this book.

Just the Way You Are by Allison M. Lewis is unlike any book I have read lately. It is written and read like a fairy tale. Although written about adults it did have a juvenile tone, which for me can be a breathe a fresh air.
This was my first read by Allison M. Lewis and I will seek out more books by her. It is admirable that she tells her own story at the end.

If your looking for a unique fairytale read, this book is for you.

5 Stars

Just the Way You Are, is the debut novel by Allison M. Lewis. This is a delightful and inspiring fantasy that has a fairy tale feel to it. It is a story of self- acceptance, with magic, and adventure. I loved this super sweet, clean, fun read.
Misty Miles is the Princess of Starrycrest, but she’s not your typical Princess. There is so much more to her than I think even she realises. She has a disability that confines her to a wheelchair and keeps her in a tower high above the palace. Her parents don’t want the news of her disability to make their monarchy appear weak, so Misty spends her days in the tower. She has fallen in love with Prince Derrick, from the neighbouring kingdom of Mooncrest- after seeing his picture and reading all about him in an article in the local gazette. Misty dreams of seeing much more of her world, travelling to Mooncrest and meeting Prince Derrick- but when her parents refuse to let her leave- she decides to sneak away. And this is where her amazing journey begins.
What happens on her adventure? Will she meet Prince Derrick? What happens then? What of their feuding families? Will there be a happily-ever-after in this Princess’s future? You really will have to read this lovely story and discover all the delightful details for yourself!
Ms. Lewis, who has a disability herself, has written this story to send a message of self-acceptance to other young girls/women- to love and accept yourself, just the way you are. I think that is a wonderfully inspiring thing to do!
This story is really well written, with fantastic characters, strong character growth and development, detailed scene setting, descriptive world building, and a very enjoyable plot. This is a fairy tale with a difference- but has all the feels, charm and interest you could ever want.
I really recommend this beautiful story to anyone who enjoys fantasy/fairy tales- as well as a strong heroine who isn’t afraid of being different! It’s her difference that really makes this story special, uplifting and memorable!
I can’t wait to see what Ms. Lewis has in store for us next!

Thank you, Ms. Lewis!

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