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A Little Info on Starrycrest’s No. 1 Lady’s Man…Jason Franks.

by | Oct 30, 2017

Hey How’s it hangin’?

Jason Franks hittin’ up the blogosphere today. The Royal Denison family has decided to open this blog up to all of Starrycrest.  She was yammering about strengthening the community or somethin… I dunno.   If you’d read Just the Way You Are then you who I am and if haven’t, you should.  I don’t read much, but my lady says it’s awesome and ya’ll know I gotta trust my girl.  Anyway, I thought I’d take this chance to clear up my rep.  I wasn’t scared when I met Prince Derrick.  I was simply respecting him as royalty.  You gotta respect royalty, right?

Here are some factoids about me.

Full Name: Jason Dylan Franks

Age: 18

Likes: Hangin’ with my homeboys, rock music, chillin’ with my girl, drawing

Dislikes: Homework, school, chores, peanut butter

Favorite Color: The color of money…haha

Favorite Song: Anything I can head bang to.

Favorite Quote: “Pop music often tells you that everything is ok, while rock music tells you it’s not, but you can change it.”

Do I sound like a cool guy?  It’s cuz I am.  Wanna know more?  Hit me up through the blogosphere!